Individual training plans

We help you to reach your personal goals by offering personalized training plans adapted to your needs, goals and personal situation.

Basic training plan

120€ (individual sport 85€/month)

Classic training plan

150€ (individual sport 100€/month)

Premium training plan

220€ (individual sport 160€/month)

Nutritional Coaching

You are what you Eat
Individualized nutrition advice is important to be in good health and/or to enhance sporting performance.
Making some simple nutritional changes can greatly enhance an athlete’s ability to train hard and recover, which in turn translates into improved sporting performance.
But also, if you want to lose some weight or simply have a healthy lifestyle nutritional coaching can help you to achieve your goals.
80€ / hour

Personal Coaching

A 1 to 1 personal training is the most effective way to achieve your personal goals. The training is individually adapted to your needs and objectives so that progress and success can be achieved very quickly.
Price 65€ session of 60 minutes
Abo 10 sessions: 600€
Coaching at home: Price 70€ session of 60 minutes
Abo 10 sessions 630 €


The electro-fitness scheme is a combination of the benefits of conventional training along with muscle electro-stimulation (EMS), which allows conducting a high intensity training session in just 20 minutes. It stimulates more than 300 body muscles, achieving immediate and lasting results from the first session, saving time and energy.
The exercise program is adapted individually to your needs and goals by our certified EMS trainer. 
The I-motion system works wireless so that you can train inside and outside without being disturbed by a cable
Price: 50 € session of 20 minutes
Abo 10 sessions 450 €

Performance Diagnostic


With an INSCYD performance diagnostic, you can take your training to a new level. The performance is composed of several components and variables. If the training is controlled only according to heart rate and feeling, you lose accuracy and efficiency and give away potential. Individual diagnostics provide a 360° view of performance and can be used to train in a targeted and individual manner.

Bike / Run/Swim*








Approximative duration

± 60min



Determination of anaerobic threshold

Determination of Vo2max (maximum oxygen uptake)

Determination of Vlamax (maximum lactate formation rate)

Sprint Test (depends of the sport)

Individual training areas

Gross Lactate Production/ Reduction

Determination of body fat content

Vo2 Master (Running & Swim) Efficiency

Grease burn (including Fatmax area)

Carbohydrate consumption during training & competition

Performance potential (based on virtual simulation)

Nutritional and pacification strategies for competition

Written evaluation

Training recommendations

Personal consultation meeting

More info on Inscyd

For the swim performance test please contact us.

Depending on your coaching account you get discount of the performance test.